Now, I am wondering what is the whole point of blogging. It feels like I am standing on the corner of a dock, facing the ocean and talking out to the ocean. Nobody is going to hear me and I doubt if anyone cares.

College has been keeping me on my toes. I am a junior and this term I'm taking most of the hard classes so that my senior year will be easier. I'm tired of endless homework, tests, papers and unrealistic expectations from some professors. My advisor just said, "It's only your junior year and you're already having senorithis?"

I want to do a study abroad program. I wanted to go to France because I always wanted to visit that country. There's a class on art and wine. Sounds nice but it's expensive. My budget only allows me to study either in Argentina or Mexico. I have never been to South America. I am saving up.

Ravi uncle and Sheba aunty just had their baby, Ethan. Their baby boy is such a cutie and I got to play with him. After seeing all these married couples and families I'm thinking about my own wedding and family. Something just seems right, natural and purposeful about marriage, sex and having a baby. Sometimes, I imagine myself waking up in the morning in the arms of a loving, supportive and handsome husband. the right time. For now, I'll just keep doing what I do.

Changing church membership - I have left City Bible Church for specific reasons. I have thought about it for the last 2 years but I wanted to make sure that I was leaving for the right reasons. I decided to be patient and stay and make it work because no churches are perfect. There were some things that were pressing in and getting in conscience. I felt that I was held back and restrained rather than being released as a Christian.

I am checking out other churches. I just visited "Imago Dei Community" in SE Portland. I have gone to 2 of their services and got invited to a home community. I'd check it out. It's frustrating but I pray God will show me a place to fellowship.

Indu Shanmugam