I have been richly blessed by God in terms of money, time and the heart that He has given me. I am giving back what i have recieved

During my poly days i used to work in Scripture union and during my last year in Poly I worked for Salvation Army. I worked so as to support myself. I had to pay school fees and i have to cover my life A - Z expenses except for house rental coz i stayed in my dad's place. Those times were very hard for me to survive as i was also involved actively in ministry in church and also with other churches.

This is when Dave really stood by my side.. He did few things as a christian brother and a father figure to me..


We spent a lot of time together. I would go over to his place and talk about things happening in my life. He would advice me of issues in my life and he was able to look at things which i did not foresee. Whenever i had a problem in my house i would consult him. Even in relationship issues i would consult him. I would tell him about the girl i like and share things which are down right silly. When i was kicked out of my house he was the one praying for me day and night and advising me on things and even offered me a place at his house for me to stay. We spent a lot of quality time together


I used to go to missions every year twice. During those days money was something rare for me to save as each month my expenses would sometimes exceed my income. Once i had no money in my pocket for mission and i sold off my ibanez electric guitar for the trip. I will like to stress one point here is that i never expected him to give me the money rather he would just come and give me some cash for me to have for my mission. The cash which he gave me really helped in paying off part of the mission cost and the rest i would keep it for makkan. Dave would also invite me for dinners with other ppl in church and he would pay for my meal.


Last but not least everything which he did for me came from the heart. I realised many Christian are NATO. no action talk only. I hear christian would say "ohh i would pray for you my brother" but how many really prays? i will not say the word if i am not going to do it... mean what u say.. I realized Dave had the heart for me and to see me grow and come out of the situation stronger and he invested time and money.

Do you have the heart ? then invest whatever it takes...


David Bala