New census numbers now show a surge in immigration in Canada - nearly one in five people are foreign-born. Statistics Canada says the proportion of foreign-born people from Asian and Middle Eastern countries has outstripped those of European heritage. Between 2001 and last year, Canada’s foreign-born population increased by 13.6 per cent–four times faster than the overall population. See Report and Canadian Offical Census site.

Of course, Asians are largest continental group and Filipinos formed the largest immigrant group. In some suburbs around Toronto and Vancouver, those with English as a mother tongue are now the minority compared with all other languages spoken. Australia (22%) is the only Western country with a higher proportion of immigrants than Canada (19.8%).

According to Statistics Canada in 2001, there were 713,330 people who consider themselves as being Indo-Canadians. Some believe it will soon reach a million. Nearly half of them live in Western coast around Vancouver and more than half of entire Indo canadian population is Sikh.

Some interesting numbers, I thought.

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