This poem is written by Dr John Celes and copyright to Dr John Celes. 

A man who went to commit suicide,
Was picked by God to save sinners from hell,
Miraculously until ripe-old age;
God took him to His bosom after this.

The man of God had read the Bible well;
He prayed to God with fervor all his life,
Until the Holy Spirit entered him,
And changed his life of poverty and strife.

The man of God became Evangelist;
He quoted Scriptures to all suffering souls,
Explaining God’s message to all who thirst
For truth and Light and Way of Jesus Christ.

He talked to God and gained wisdom to guide
The many souls, who thronged to him for help;
God saw his love for fellowmen on earth,
And exalted his spiritual life.

The man of God had preached the Word of God
To human beings, right across the globe,
Performing miracles and healing sick,
Consoling all who begged of him to pray.

With time, he uttered prophecies as well;
He sowed the seeds of love and brotherhood;
He sang a lot of hymns right from his heart,
In praise of God and thanked Him for his lot.

Oh, what a holy life, it turned to be!
The Holy Spirit blessed his family;
He lamented to God for others’ sake;
Well-pleased, God took him to Elysium’s Lake!

The world had lost a fragrant flower great;
The void cannot be filled except by God;
The pot had served His Potter’s every wish;
He turned ‘Fisher of men and not of fish! ’

He’s gone to see his loving Angeline-
His only daughter who preceded him;
From heaven, he’ll direct his kith and kin,
In saving mankind from all grievous sin.

The noble soul is now in God’s Abode;
He’ll plead to God to shake the world of men;
The modern world has people with big sins;
He’ll tell the Maker what the righteous need.

The ways of God are glorious and strange;
He enters hearts of souls who welcome change;
The works of God are mighty in its range;
The man of God will bring His divine change.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 2-23-2008

Dr John Celes

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