Arrived in Mumbai earlier this week. Been spending time with family and getting intimately acquainted with all the local mosquitoes. The weather hasn't been as bad as I imagined it. It's quite pleasant actually.

Went to a local house church (i.e. cell group) the other day and was so blessed to see young people so on fire for God. That was one beautiful worship service and a seriously solid dose of the Word! India is truly experiencing a great move of God, churches are growing so fast, and on the forefront are the young people. India has a young population and God is certainly doing a work among them! I'm excited for the future!

I was in Singapore last week and had a wonderful time with Pastor Pritam, Balbir and Sujaan, and all the SAF young adults. Great food, good times, and cool people to hang with...I can't ask for much more. It was this summer in Europe when I heard about the idea for SAF. And though I was thousands of miles away, it was great to watch as God opened doors and put people together and a new work was born. It was such a blessing for me to be able to play with the worship team and attend one of the cell meetings and to be a part of everything God is doing for the few days I was there.

Memories from Singapore:

1. Walking down the Red Light area and taking pictures on the hush and getting scolded by some transvestite pimp for doing so. Did get a couple useful shots. It was my first time in such an area.

2. Being nervous all week cuz Pastor Pritam had asked me to sing on Sunday. In His grace, God gave me a song. But the battle was only beginning because I've never sang by myself in front of people. Where are Sim and Mia when I need them!!! Not sure how I managed with my voice shaking like a leaf in the wind and my palms so sweaty I couldn't find the chords and my mind so blank I forgot whatever I had prepared to say. But people's comments at the end reassured me that God was in it and it had turned out much better than I had expected.

3. Perfect love.

4. Meeting Kashwin... Pritam's "arrangements" are so hilarious!

5. Sujaan curled up beside me in bed. Reminded me of when Niki was three or four and we'd fall asleep hugging each other. That doesn't happen anymore.

6. Monopoly that should have been called "Oligarchy" or "Collusion".

7. Delicious food. Vanessa and Tripta were so accommodating, I tried so many new things...including string ray (tasted just like fish), and some other Singaporean and Thai dishes I can't remember the names of.

8. Rajwin and his Milo.

9. David and his red car.

10. My final night in Singapore hanging out with friends. And of course, my final hour at Changi Airport where David and Rajwin kept me company. For future reference, "hotcakes" = "pancakes".

Alright, my time is up, I must bring my reminiscing to a close here. God is so faithful!!! Looks like I'm headed to Goa in a few days. I will update as often as possible considering my limited internet access.