I feel a relief knowing that I'll be graduating May of 2009. It's a year ahead but I already started planning my next year. I met with my advisor to register for classes and figure out what exams I need to take to get my license and degree.

I had to take care of a few things so that next year will go more smoothly. I didn't do so well in my Linguistics class because I had a difficult time understanding some of the tougher and advanced concepts. I'll have to repeat it next term but at least I'll have a through review and revision so that I'll pass my PRAXIS linguistics section. I have 2 Praxis exams left to take. It's one of those tests where you'll spend an entire Saturday taking. On top of all this, I'm overwhelmed at the moment with my major assignments, papers and studying. It looks like it'll never end. I think I want to grab a friend and get a drink.

I am looking forward to graduation and especially my graduation party. I'm going to celebrate because I worked hard and deserve a break. If I have enough money saved up, heck, I want a vacation to a nice, tropical place. I'd love a tropical island paradise like Jamaica or Hawaii. Or, if I can't afford it, California or Hawaii will do. I want to get away from the cold, rainy weather of Oregon.

This summer, I'm planning to spend a month in Morelia, Mexico. I'm excited and looking forward to it. I'm staying with a family and will have a chance to practice the little Spanish I know.

Indu Shanmugam