I now see why and how people become perpetual students. Have you looked at the requirements to get into some programs?? omgness, you literally need to hand over half your soul to some faculties and schools, they'll take the rest when you're in... I was looking at UVIC's law school... they accept 5 people to the LLB MBA program.. 5, FIVE, FIVE, five people!!! out of like 1500 that apply to the program.

I wonder what will happen to the rest of them, (I can't breathe), I'm sure I'll find out soon. Did anybody see the year go by? I missed it.

UBC has dug my grave, my parents paid to have it dug, and I'm standing in front of it waiting to be buried alive.
Forget optimism, I'm screwed, I want the world to end, rapture, apocolypse, armaggedon, bring it on, I do not want to see a rejection letter.

"Minimum 82%"!!! the chances of getting into law for the average applicant 11%, I'm not even average!!, 11%! hah... MY chances of getting into law 3%! TH-REE PER-CENT, that's 3 out of 100 (I know this much Math, and I have the right to flaunt it).

How do people do it, honestly??

I don't have a backup plan... everyone always has a plan B, there is always a plan B, even Tom Cruise in MI had a plan B, everyone knows plan B will always become plan A, why didn't I make a plan B???

If anyone has a time machine, device or dohickey that can turn back time I will give you everything I own and my unending service if I can use it to go back 3 years.