We can’t wait for Sunday. Shainu and I feel like kids waiting for Christmas morning. On Sunday, 7 Mile Road Boston will dedicate Hannah Joy to the Lord. So many cool things about that:

» 7 Mile Road is dedicating Hannah, not just Ajay and Shainu. Raising Hannah to know, and love, and serve Jesus is the privilege and responsibility of not just her parents, but her church. As a part of dedicating Hannah, Matt will remind the congregation that the glorious task of nurturing Hannah’s soul and shepherding her heart is shared by the people of God at 7 Mile Road. I love that the church dedicates this child. That’s why the dedication isn’t taking place in my living room with just Shainu and I present. Hannah is inseparably knit to a community of believers who pledge to care for her soul.

» Hannah’s name comes from a woman in the Old Testament. Hannah is the godly mother of the prophet Samuel. Among the many things we love about her story, one of the coolest things she does is consecrate her child to the Lord. God blesses her with a child and as soon as she is able, she dedicates him to the Lord. Shainu and I get to do the same thing with our child on Sunday. We long for Hannah to be wholly God’s.

» We’re going to need to go to a second service! Ok, maybe not quite…but we’re really hoping to pack the house on Sunday. If you’ve ever been to an Indian wedding, you know that Indians don’t do things small. And so, we’ve got grandparents, and aunts, and uncles, and cousins, all coming. Also, some of the folks from the Philly crew are coming too. That means we’ll see these folks in Boston this week, and in Philly for our monthly meeting next week. To be able to hang out 3 times in 4 weeks is something that has never happened before. Awesome. On top of all that, we’ve invited some of our co-workers hoping they’ll come on Sunday. Should be great.

» There’s going to be lunch at church. Ok, so maybe I’m the only one who’s really excited about that.

(Side note: Till now, every baby at 7 Mile Road Boston has sat comfortably in Matt’s hands without making so much as a peep. We have every confidence that Hannah will shatter that streak with loud wails and deep cries. We keep telling ourself that she is just repenting over her sinfulness.)

So excited. Sunday can’t come soon enough.

7 Mile Road Church