That small verse seems profound to me. That speaks volumes about the humility, love and what a great person Jesus Christ was and is. It gave me another reason to love Him more. Jesus wept with the women. Remember, since he's God, he could have easily said, "Don't worry my dears, do you know that I am Jesus, God's son. I'll die on the cross for humanity. Things will be okay. There's no need to cry..." Instead, he wept with them.

Why does it seem hard for Christians to have compassion, tenderness and love for other people? I don't know about elsewhere in the world but one of the things Christians in North America are known for are for being cold, uncaring and judgmental attitudes- the opposite of Christ. I've seen some Christian leaders and supposedly seasoned Christians who think they self-righteously 'made it' in faith and can fix other people's problem and judge others. It's definitely hard to not judge the judgers.

I've seen the ones who talk the most about holiness and righteousness, ignore a person in need or ignore people who don't fit their expectations. Recently, I've seen hypocrisy when I saw a few leaders ignore and push people away because of church ambitions. There is a person, I care about the most hurt by these people. It seems they just want to get up on a platform and preach righteousness without doing it. Why is it so hard for them to give a shoulder for someone to cry on?

Faith seems to be about living in an ideal world where nothing wrong can happen. It seems certain church people including leaders have grown up in an ideal fantasy world, they can't even seem to understand that bad things can happen. I'm seeing Christians act with judgment, arrogance and as a know-it-all to people who are hurt. Sometimes, people don't need 'expertise' advice, patronizing comments, fake pity and constant judgment.

Compassion takes humility and time. However, it seems Christians who should be the most compassionate because they know Christ's love are the complete opposite.

Indu Shanmugam