I'm going to always hear others ask me, "What are you going to do now?" It's only my junior year but I had to prepare a few things to make sure that I graduate on time next year. I decided to take care of graduation stuff now. I saw my advisers. God is faithful and guides in the daily matters of life. Here we go:

My Last Year - For my last year, I want to keep my grades up. I need to save up some bucks for practical things. I want to have the best year of college. I want to spend more time hanging out with friends. I found out that I'm in my university's Student Senate. I want to make my last year count!

Jobs - I'm not going to sicken myself with worry. At the same time, it'd be good to know my way around. I'm going to apply and send resumes everywhere. I'm starting to imagine where I'd like to work. At my college, I have good student advisers and those who can give valuable advice, as well as people who've been there before me.

Grad School - I plan to get my Master's degree. I have to anyway. It maybe worthwhile to take a year off college and get a job. Sometimes, my job may help with Grad school tuition. Where I go to graduate school also depends on where I get hired. Both go hand in hand.

Other Things - There are other things but for now it's all up to the Lord. I know it can be such a cliche but it's true. Closing my eyes, I'm just sinking in, trying to imagine what God wants and trying to hear for what he will say. I have been distracted by other things but now learning to focus on what really matters. God does care about how we live our daily life. I found out that the Bible's truths are mostly practical, using wisdom and insight.

Calling - As for calling, I believe God has a calling and purpose for every believer. It's there but I can't sum it up in one word or sentence. Calling is the journey not the destination. I have a whole life ahead of me. I don't see a need to constantly worry. At the same time, it would be unrealistic if I never had a moment of wondering, "What if..." Yes, but that's where I have career counselors who can give me valuable advice. At the same time, I need prayer, lots of prayer.

Indu Shanmugam