clothes piled up in my laundry hamper
stuff all over my bed,
papers in various piles on the floor
and 1000 thoughts running in my head

i've taken all that i can bear
i've listened as much as i could
i need it all to stop right now
and if i could i would

like being in a car
slowly drowning in a river
pressure from a hundred angles
and all i can do is quiver

i'm hot and i'm cold
confused and have it right
know exactly what i want
but don't have the strength to fight

i'd like to say i have another source
someone looking down at me
i'd like to say i'm fully faithful
and i know He holds the key

but when you have no physical body
no one to stand beside
no one to understand
and no tangible guide

what else can you do but feel alone
and supplement yourself
with people who try to get you
but can't get past their own self

i wish i had God right beside me
looking into my eyes
telling me, dear child
don't listen to the world's lies

i want to have coffee with Jesus
so i can tell him every worry
face to face and side by side
he'd solve them in a hurry

but with God in heaven
and Jesus shared around
i hate to say it but i feel alone
in that car being drowned.