i ask to hang out with my friends and all i hear is no,
can i go on a road trip with friends ... mom will come with you
can i go somewhere by myself in the summer... take your sister
can i drive to a youth meeting in another city.... do you have to take your car

i'm out getting a coffee... cell phone rings.. where are you i called the house 4 times.... get home soon
i'm staying at the church to help clean up after youth service... where are you, do you know what time it is (9:30).. get home soon
i'm having a youth planning meeting... why aren't you home yet, is your sister with you... get home soon

why are you up so late (11:30)
why is the door to your room closed
why do you have to go out
do you need to have dinner with your friends
can't you just sleep in your own bed, do you have to go to a friend's house?

i don't care anymore, i want to be beat to feel something, "the best is yet to come" - i don't think i want to wait that long....