So all this crazy hype surrounding a novel, now movie...

1. I read this book last summer. Took me just a couple hours and at the end of it, my only thought was, so what? At first I assumed I was stupid for not seeing any point to the whole thing. But the more I thought about it, there really is no mystery to be solved, not to mention, the book is very poorly written.

2. Not wanting to offend too many people, I kept my opinions to myself. However, this morning I read an article in the Globe and Mail Review about the movie and it was saying everything I wanted to say but would probably sound whiny coming from a Christian.

3. Mr. Dan Brown simply took a weighted topic (i.e. Christianity), added supposed mystery and claimed that the history of the world would change because of a few "secrets", added a few riddles separated by cop chases and poof! you get the Da Vinci Code.

4. This giant hoax simply goes to show how people in general know very little about history and good literature...and just how quick folks are to jump a bandwagon.

5. I won't be going to see the movie. Not because I'm protesting or whatever. But simply because I don't wish to put my money towards something that ridicules my faith. I'll probably watch it later when it's out on video. To those going out to watch it this weekend. I hope you have a good time. I have nothing against you. Just a different opinion is all.