Ok so i'm a tech freak and you're probably dead bored with my constant supply of techie stuff time and time again. Hah! I sense your fustration and will attempt to symphatise with ya but bear with me for now. You've gotta understand though that i'm really really passionate about this site and my responsibilities behind it. It's hard convincing some old-fashioned folks on the potential of the net.

Take my mum for example. There she was in the kitchen last night cooking some "Chapaatis" and "Daal". And so it began, she tells me to go to the post office to pay my phone bills. I tell her it can be done on the internet in less than 5 minutes. No big deal right? To her that's a BIG FAT NOO! "It's too risky, it's unsafe, i don't trust it..No means No", Yada, Yada, Yada. Maybe it's a bad analogy but the point im trying to make is that the net should be utilised in every possible way as long as it's:

1. Not disobedient to God.
2. It serves His purposes.

Let's face it, there's way too much rubbish floating around (e.g: porn). We could definitely do with some "godly" material. i believe SAC is a huge blessing among other Christian sites and has loads and loads of potential in becoming a first class online portal. Major publicity and a global reach with minimal cost!

Ok now to some recent site updates. I just added a Newsletter Subscription form. Notice the orange graphic (on the left), click on that and you'll be re-directed to the respective page. You enter your email add and name, a confirmation email gets sent to you, you confirm and WHAM...you're subscribed. I spent a good 4 hrs setting it up. I encourage you to come onboard our mailing list. You'll receive the latest updates in the world of SAC. Click the link on the left now!

Well, well...Enough said, im off to bed. Thanks for your time and keep those comments comin!

Living in His glory and loving it!