Sometimes, in our lives, we need to make a stand. A statement that gives meaning to our very existence. A place where we say we're not moving no matter what happens.

I'm sick and tired of giving in to the patterns of this dying world. I'm sick and tired of trying so hard to achieve things that don't matter. I'm sick and tired, and sick and tired, and I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Sometimes something happens to change your life. That something broke in me. Actually, it broke me. I layed on the floor a shattered mess. My mind tormented and my soul anguished. I was in a pit, and there was no way out. I was smashed up like shattered pottery.

But something happened. Someone came along. He looked at my broken life and slowly but surely, he began to remould and remake. At first, he mashed me up, and it was painful. "Why are you doing this?" I cried out. I didn't understand. I couldn't.

Then he left me in water to revitalise me. "Why did you bring me this far just to leave me?" I wept aloud. I didn't understand. I wouldn't.

Then he took the clay and started to remould again. Slowly, the clay came to shape and size. After many long hours, it was done. The potter made me whole again.

"You were meant for my purpose, but you fell away from me and shattered into a million pieces. I heard your anguished cry and ran to rescue you. You never understood, but i knew what i was doing. I was restoring you. You are whole again, and now you can serve the purpose for which you were made."

The time is here to stand up for truth, love and justice. That's what its all about. Take away the lights and the cameras, the guitars and drums and all that goes with it... still the song remains-
A song of salvation, a song of praise. Its the sound of this generation connecting with their saviour in spirit and in truth... Its about me being consumed and changed from the inside out. And choosing to live it out.

This is my anthem. This is my song.
I'll stand...

'I know that You're alive
You came to fix my broken life
and I'll sing to glorify
Your holy name, Jesus Christ'
Hillsong United
'fire fall down'
From the album "We Stand"