Not to be confused with the similar sounding rhyme. I mean thespian as in being an actor on stage. I got a small part in a school play, Shel's Shorts. I'm playing the part of Benny. I'm playing a male part and I get to cross-dress. hehe. There weren't that many guys that audioned so we have reverse Shakespeare of having some girls play male roles.

I enjoy theatre as a hobby. I like watching plays, taking drama classes and acting in college plays. It's an escape. I don't intend to make it on the big screen or pursue professional theatre. The most I'll ever do is take some more drama classes and more college plays. Maybe later, I might want to teach theatre at the high school level but nothing more.

All right, maybe fantacizing is okay...

If I ever do get a chance, my dream role is a strong woman character such as Nora of Ibsen's "A Doll's House" or Natasha of Chekov's "Three Sisters." I love classics. I find myself drawn to these kind of characters. As a child, I loved Nancy Drew books because she was a classy girl that had girlpower. She solved cases and used her wits. In my 5th grade English class I remember reading a summary or short story form of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. Back then I remember liking Portia because she was the woman of wits that saved someone from death with her intelligence. However, I have mixed feelings of Anti-Semitism portrayed in the play. I realize it was common back then but I want to be sensitive to others.

Rehearsing and performing is fun. I'm not that outwardly charismatic. In high school, I was going through major apathy and didn't care much about life. Some of my high school peers pursued drama to the professional level. I heard that a couple of my high school classmates are now in professional theatre. In a drama class, I can't help but feel a bit intimidated by the more experienced ones with admirable talent and take acting very seriously.

Theatre will continue to be a good escape and hobby. And nothing more.

Indu Shanmugam