You don’t know what to say
It’s like you got it all wrong again
Why does it seem to consume me from the core?
Does sin have no bounds to stay clear of my psyche?
Does life have no defense, to remain untouched?
It keeps growing, just a little here, just a little there

You’re trying your best, but it doesn’t seem to go
You’ve laid it on the line, but you don’t have the will to stay the course
What do you do, when life’s heaviness comes your way?
How to react, when the struggles, take your breath away?

God I’m angry with myself, consumed because I want to…but can’t
O God take this blemished vessel, and use it for your glory
I have not more, than the scars from my past
Screaming at me, making me remember my life, my death
I am nothing more than you my God…and yet
It all still hurts, because pain has this way of staying
So here I stand, my life secure in you, yet a whisper away from failing

Take this imperfect man, and breathe into me, heaven’s breath afresh
Take this impassioned soul, crying for more
Bring me low, that I might find grace in you
Smash me down, that I solely rely on you
I need you God, desperately need you
More than ever, I need you

Jesus, thank you, for redemption
For grace, for the unforgiven
For life, when death was around me
For all you gave, when I needed it most
Now God, I come to you humbly
For I am nothing….but a mess cleaned up thoroughly
You are my God…my King…my Redeemer…my Love…my Everything

I’m Yours . . . Only Yours

Ashish Joy