's been a long time since i posted an update. life has certainly been an adventure. i'm still in goa, staying and working at the orphanage. it's been a difficult adjustment but by the grace of God, i'm alive and well and happy to be where i am and doing what i'm doing. here is just a sampling of stuff i'm doing and stuff i've had to adjust to:

- teaching...every subject, from the basics onwards to algebra and geometry as well as the bible

- cutting hair...who knew i could cut hair! just another example of God's grace when the need arises. i've cut hair for some 30 girls, both children and teens...and not to gross anyone out, but i'm talking about lice infested hair!!

- lice...yes, they're everywhere! baby lice, big fat grown up lice, and nits (lice eggs). you can find them crawling out of children's hair any time of the day (even when i was cutting hair, the lice were busy scrambling around)

- cold water baths...this is a change when you're used to hot showers, but hey, i'm not complaining

- very basic's always rice and one vegetable curry

- doing my laundry by hand...both of the washing machines at the home are broken

...among many many other things (i.e. pulling teeth, arts and crafts, music, outings, etc.), i really don't have the time to sit and fully describe everything. but i'm definitely keeping busy being mother, sister, friend, doctor, teacher, pastor, life-coach, musician, etc.

do keep me in prayer.

in Christ,


p.s. for my 24th (wow, feels so old to type that!!) birthday, i woke up to about 35 kids at the door of my room singing happy birthday at the top of their lungs at 6:30am. so cute!!

Benita Joy