I made some new friends the other day. I was invited to see the new move of God. They decided to allow me to share about the ministry: SAGC, PMC and much more. I told my friend a little bit about how much I saw Christ in him. They made me feel so apart of their home, family and church.

It is called, The River and it has a huge future. They spoke into my life and knew what was going on. It was an authentic prophetic ministry unlike the fakers out there. I left the place feeling love, refreshed and encouraged. I missed them the second I left their beautiful home. They welcomed me to come again.

Walking out of their pad was like being in Kerala. I could hear the 'ribits' and narrow path without light and hilly and house on top of hill and beauty all around. The air was fresh.

I love these moments.

He took a leap of faith. He left the prestigious job for something he wasn't quite sure about. It was time to start the church and it was taking off. God provided everything and he looked like he had so much peace and freedom. It was all too real! You had to be there.

I treasure these friendships. They are a dime a dozen.

Mr. Bilson