In a moment of distain and avid frustration i removed all posts from my blog, i'm over it now... unfortunately i have this extra X chromosome that causes me to make such rash decisions... now, before i lost my head:

1. i went to nav's birthday party, now 21..... and omgness are we getting old fast, i had more fun there than i've had in a while, the details of the night are hidden within a top secret portfolio guarded on a high security sight, exposure to the details may result in grave repercussions administered by parentals on myself and against all those involved, thus i'm not at liberty to release them. rest assured nothing illegal was practiced, but you know....

2. i thought i'd paint the fence today, seeing as though i had nothing better to do, and studying for the LSAT gives me heart palpitations, after about 2 hours i had 1/4 of the fence painted with one coat and it started to rain- and thus my endeavours to be productive were thwarted by presumable vancouver rain.

3. i finished a great book, literally just finished it, Happiness by Will Ferguson, it made me laugh... out loud more than once, it wasn't the greatest piece of literary work i've ever read or anything, it didn't have satire, wit, or deeply entagled metaphors that revealed blatent universal truths, it was just a good book. easy read, simple story, mystery, love, comedy, fiction, and it gave me an opportunity to laugh at people.

4. i've been really thankful for friends lately, i usually am, sometimes the old saying "blood is thicker than water" makes you want to drown yourself in which ever one is more available.

5. i've been told twice for sure, i think i was told a third time- i vaguely remember it, that if i wait for something it won't come. so i've stopped waiting... but if something comes around i'll be ready, prepared, secure, whatever, but i'm definitely not waiting for it- got that God, spiritual realm, unseeable, unavoidable? "i'm not waiting for it..... i'm only preparing myself just in case something happens"