My mom has been reading my blogs. We're pretty open about most things. And my uncle from India found my blog through SAC. Hello Jobi Chachan, if you are reading this. I don't care too much if my relatives read my posts.

Jobi Chachan has a story that I wrote when I was 11 and a poem my sister wrote as a child. He wanted to read some of my recent stories. It's a bit awkward sharing some of my stories with a relative that didn't see me since I was a young child. I'm into realism (and also experimenting with surrealism and magic realism) so a lot of my stories are 'like it is' and address realities of life. This may shock my much older relatives that still see me as a little girl. (Well, Thank goodness for pen names).

My mother is encouraging me to write more and wants to keep my stories. Well, at least if it turns out to be a lame bad story at least mom would still keep it. Yes, some of my stories didn't turn out well. And I had successes. I'm still in the learning process.

My younger cousin is also a writer. He's 13 but loves stories and writes while imitating what he likes such as Oliver Twist. I'll be so proud of him when he grows up and becomes a published writer. That reminded me of my early adolescent years. I loved reading. My favorite classic was Jane Eyre. I remember liking Nancy Drew series, Hardy Boys, and Enid Blyton. I used to write my own stories modeled after them.

Everyone is doing well.

My mother met my great uncle. He's 98 and remembers all his years. He has tons of stories. He told about a story when he was 15, he'd sneak out and go to the traveling shows because his father wouldn't let him. This was in the 1920's. He can read a newspaper without reading glasses. I hear that he spends his time going to schools and telling the kids how things were back in the days. I love old people for that, especially when their eyes light up when they share their memories.

Anyway, great uncle told my mom about our family history. From my mom's side, our lineage used to be a strong Brahmin family and they converted to Christianity about thousand years ago. As for my father's side, they are still mostly Hindus. I just thought that might be interesting. Now, I'm very intrigued. In fact, I'm starting to get intrigued about Indian history and heritage. Not politics and boring stuff such as partition. I'm interested in the basics of Ancient and medieval Indian culture and history. I want to read a good history book but it seems a lot of Indian history books have strong political motivations that it's reduced to blatant propaganda. The language and writing style makes me wonder it's agenda. History is not my expertise. So, anyone know of a good book that isn't too one-sided but balanced?

Well, now I'm dreaming about meeting my man, getting married and then having a family of our own. I care whether my man would be committed to relationship with me and the children we make or adopt. His ability to be a responsible man, supportive husband, loving father to our kids is more important than status, wealth or outward things. And most importantly, he must be interested in romance and affection. Okay, this maybe a bit carnal but if you think a person is too spiritual to mention something like this, then would you mind explaining why Song of Solomon is in th Bible?

Oops, I forgot that Mom (and family) may read this... Oh well, they will laugh at me when they see me in person.

Indu Shanmugam