The number of mobile devices worldwide has surpassed 3.3 billion–roughly half of the world’s population. In Japan and several other countries, more people access the Web through mobile devices than fixed PCs.

Several countries, including the United Kingdom, now have more mobile phones than people. There are over 500 million active mobile phone accounts in China, as compared to 275 million in India by the end of 2007. Luxembourg has the highest mobile phone penetration rate in the world, at 164% in December 2001. In Hong Kong the penetration rate reached 139.8% of the population in July 2007.

The total number of mobile phone subscribers in the world was estimated at 2.14 billion in 2005. The subscriber count reached 2.7 billion by the end of 2006 according to Informa, and 3.3 billion by November 2007, thus reaching an equivalent of over half the planet’s population.

What are its implications? Does your website content support mobile devices? Recently I tried browsing the Coconut Generation site over an iphone and realized that the flash based main page is not accessible easily, browsing is not easy. Watch out for the next version. Prepare exclusively mobile device strategy for dissemination of information,  newsletter, soliciting donations, customer service, networking etc.

Are you ready for the new world?

Sam George