This Friday, I facilitated a discussion on Happiness at Georgia Cafe, Bangalore organized by Capstone Ministries. THINKSPACE is a coffee house discussion event for young people. About 15 young people were at Georgia Cafe and we engaged in a good discussion about Happiness.

Most people said the event had take-aways such as ideas  and suggestions for happiness. A few said that they take with them questions that need further reflection.  It was all together a great one and a half hour discussion.

It’s been a year since I had attended THINKSPACE. It was indeed great to be there - Warm hearts, sharp minds discussing life issues over coffee. A lot can happen over Coffee! I guess so…. 

Some questions we discussed

How do you understand happiness? What is happiness? What makes people happy?

What brings you happiness? Why?

Why doesnt this happiness last long?

How do you handle happiness? Why are people happy and do crazy stuff?

What do you think about them?

“Don’t worry be happy” - was a popular song in the 80’s. What do you think about the song’s message?

What is worry? Why do people worry?

Is worry the main opponent of happiness?

Is happiness the absence of worry? Is a worry free life possible?

What do you do when you are faced with worries? How does it help you face worries?

What is real happiness? How can you and I be happy?

Samuel Thambusamy