It is amazing how images can have a major impact on you. I was in awe of the words that were projected across the screens during the worship. They showed newspaper cuttings of history makers, rotating bible references, Christians painting the town red in the blood of Christ! These images evoke an emotional response which ingrained the messages of God in your mind. What a great medium of communication. You remember them and that is the point!
Here is the new gang for HM! It was another exhilarating weekend.

Where do we begin? It was another long weekend in May at the Prospera Arena to engage God. We have many fond memories of this convention. They took up an offering for our building project in 2001. They put money into SAGC Vancouver 2004 and also No Boundaries. These are the same guys who believed in me and never gave up on me! What can I say except that I'm speechless. I always left with a much needed uplift and buzz from the Savior. HM always re orients me. They reach out to the world. I love their heart for humanitarian projects. They are still building wells in Africa. It is crazzy that the spare change in our pockets can actually save lives. I wish more youth conventions emphasize this?

The theme was miracles this weekend and we bore witness to a couple of miracles. A couple of hundred kids came forward in response to the message of Christ. Thank God! I hope they stand the test of time! We also saw many healings take place. One guys tumor fell of his finger. One guy was healed of Tourettes while another got his foot healed. There was much more but that is all I'll say for now. JUDE FOUQUIER did and awesome job and had us all laughing. He also liked how HM does communion which is unlike any of the camps and retreats he's been to before. I'm in total agreement with that! I loved his testimony of how the Buddhist lady came to Christ after being delivered in the mighty name of JESUS! He still sets the captives free!

Lights, camera, sound, action! Stellar Kart took the stage after the Revolution Band. They gave up some crazy rippin' guitar riffs and some Canadian humor. The singer shared his burden for his friend and how he felt like he did everything he could to share Christ with him. All that is left to say is that, "Jesus Loves You." You could see the burden in his eyes. It is a burden we all share for those who are lost! It was the same burden Jesus carried.

Some of us learned to do the dishes for the first time! They will make their wives proud! And me to. I'm so disappointed by men who can't clean their own junk or even iron. Come on guys, rise up! If he can do it why not you?

Welcome to the Rainbow MI. The keys went missing and than reappeared thanks to R. Way to go buddy! Still we can get better!

The highlight for worship was when Parachute Band took to worship! There was so much passion in their worship. The lead singer shared how he was born with a birth defect and might not have a nose. The doctors managed to put his face together but he felt down as a teen. He wanted to kill himself. Why was he created like this? It all changed when he heard the voice of God say, "I love you" Oh man, it is great to be created with a destiny and sure purpose. We were all moved. He had allot to worship God for. We all joined it. There was such a depth in his praise! It was for real!

No one is camera shy here. I was so glad that we actually had people to go this year. MD and I had a blast last year but it isn't the same if we can't share it with others.

Delirious also came on board. They looked really tired until they started pumping the praise. "Show me a vision like Ezekiel saw, an army of light from a valley of bones..." They went to India, Cambodia and beyond. They went to the red light district in Mumbai as well. They shared how we are all children of the king. They jammed together as one body, one heart, one! They mentioned something that I've noticed about his generation. It is a hatred towards injustice! I'm glad for it! I'm proud of it!

Delirious - Here I Am Send Me!

"Hate evil, love good; Establish justice in the gate." (Amos 5:15)
What is MD up to now?

The bassist of Stellar Kart came out into the crowd and J patted him on the back! We are such Christian Groupies! It was wild!
And who can forget MD? He won't let you forget him! And why should he? He started a congo line with about 200-300 kids. Than he was dancing with the security ladies! I'll never forget how he intro'd one of the hubs! He is known to be a bit spontaneous at times and always seems to get backstage. He's made hundreds of friends as always! It is just what a convention needs! But more than anything else, it is what the church needs. We share many tears and laughter at HM! That's what makes this thing so special! Thank you for keeping us on our toes brother!

He testified that he was feeling alot better during the worship. His T acts up sometimes but it was easing during the worship. Thank goodness!
Than there was R! It was his first HM! He has gone to Spark but never encountered anything like this before.
J came on board as well. He is a curious soul who has gotten some much needed answers to some of life's most important questions.
The girls came as well. I wish they could cook! Maybe one day they will! I'm so glad they are not like those, "Oh, MY GOD!" girls. Those types are such kill joys. They really know how to sour the fun. Glad God brought these ones as instead.

"You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name." (Exodus 20:7)

It was another weekend to remember! If only you had seen, felt, experienced and went forward! It would have changed your life! I'd love to share more when I'm less tired!

Mr. Bilson