I am reading the book, Weird Christians I Have Met by Phil Baker (Senior Pastor in Australia). It is a fascinating book. I was struck by these words:
There is a suble balance between normal Christianity, with its appreciation of diversity, and that which is erroneous, misleading and ultimately damaging.

The authentic Christian is one of the most attractive and compelling reasons for seeking the truth of Christianity. However, we are our worst enemy, for the inauthentic christian - the overly religious, fanatical or sidetracked believer - repels the seeking soul. Indeed, the number one reason why many people will not consider the claims of Christ is because they have encountered Christians - or, I should say Weird Christians.

One of the problems we face is that the phrase “the normal christian life” sounds pretty boring - that is until one attempts to live it. Only then do we discover that in following in the steps of Christ is, as one writer put it, “living tiptoe on the edge of expectations”.

Phil Baker in this book introduces us to WEIRD Christians - like

    * Endtime-Ed

    * Pentecostal Pamela
    * Theological Theo
    * Demonic Dave

    * Frank Faith  

    * Backslidden Bob

    * Gullible Garfield
     * Judgemental Jill
     * Prosperity Patricia

    * Plastic Pete.

Why does he lead us into the world of bizzare Christians? To borrow his own words:  "I have also discovered that satire is one of the best vehicles for Truth”. He does that so that” we may run into familiar characters, recognize friends or even spot ourselves.

In the end, he gives a plea for “balance”.

Samuel Thambusamy