My dear little demon,

I appreciate your 24/7 labor to keep your Target neglect His God, our Enemy. But you need to labor with subtlety lest you waste your efforts. You must be extremely careful about how you mess up his devotional life. Are you scheming to cause him think that prayer, worship, meditating the Bible, self-examination and interceding for others are useless? Nah, don’t do such a foolish thing. The more you try to do so, the more he reasons in his mind and may fall into the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Don’t give him a sense of battle for that would be your disadvantage. Agree with whatever he agrees, but don’t let him practice what he believes. The advantage of him being serious about spiritual issues is that you have greater opportunity to condemn him for not living accordingly. After all, is there any greater joy than seeing your Target wallow in self-condemnation!

Well, do your best to shuffle his priorities and have him neglect the godly disciplines. One way you can do this is by keeping him on the bed till late. Just suggest him to sleep little more. A little more sleep in the morning is much sweeter than all-night rest. Let this stick in your mind that procrastination leads your Target into a dreamland, wherein he knows what to do but just dreams of doing without actually doing. So when he wakes up late, he will be in a hurry to rush into his daily activities. In that hustle and bustle, he may attempt to pray and read a little, but no need to worry, for that would be of no avail as it is done as a duty, not as devotion. Congrats! You have won in robbing him from tapping the power of the Most High to live for the day. Now your Target is in your court; play with him and blow his day with stress, dryness and failure to overcome the temptations.

If at all you have failed to hold him on the bed, try to divert his mind once he is awake. The creation is our best aid to keep him away from his Creator. Show him the newspaper on the table. Make him curious to read some interesting news or to look at fascinating pictures. In doing so, he will lose his time to meditate. You also have a great advantage to use the modern technology. If he has a computer, arouse his interest to spend time on it. Why can’t you make him think about checking his mails, chat or browse other sites? If there is music and television let him enjoy listening and watching. By hook or by crook waste his early time of meditation. To allow him to spend at the feet of our Enemy is to permit him to trample you under his feet.

Now keep in mind, some attempt to walk with our Enemy during the day. They are wise and know that living with our Enemy is not something occasional but a constant walk in the awareness of His presence. Such people are quite dangerous to us. If your Target is one among them, the best way to keep him from godly disciplines is to make him absorb in the worldly affairs. Lead your Target to get soaked in the works of the day and give him all the encouragement to work hard. It is a good discipline for him to take breaks during the day and meditate; so, see to it that you keep him busy throughout the day. Distraction is your powerful tool.

Here is another challenge you may have to face. You should beware of your Target as he may think of spending time with our Enemy after he gets back to his home. So once he returns home, make sure that you help him relax for a while. By now you should be firm in your plan about how to divert his concentration from meditation. You always have two great weapons – one is disappointment and the other I will mention later. Try to create some conflicts in his family or in other relationships so that he may get disturbed and disappointed. Many have been fooled in their thinking that they cannot pray or meditate when they are depressed, when in fact they need to seek their Maker even more for His strength and wisdom to cope with their troubling situations.

And the other weapon you have is—entertainment. This has proven to be a successful tool in our temptation market. Tell your Target he can mediate before going to bed. You can incite him to watch television. Drag his time in entertainment, whether in the house or outside. And by the time he wants to meditate he is already tired and feels sleepy We have lied in the minds of many that entertainment refreshes their mind but we know that it’s only a temporal pleasure; it doesn’t give them strength and peace which is obtained only by remaining in HIM.

If you can succeed in fooling your Target in this way, daily, you can make him a living corpse. Ah, he is no more a threat to our kingdom! Don’t waste your time with him anymore. Go and find someone else who is conscious to live for our Enemy.

Wish you all the best.

Yours faithfully,


Stephen David