Faithful One, so unchanging
Ageless One, You're my Rock of peace
Lord of all, I depend on You
I call out to You, again and again
I call out to You, again and again
You are my Rock in times of trouble
You lift me up when I fall down
All through the storm
Your love is the anchor
My hope is in You alone

I've grown up in church singing songs of God's love, and the blessed peace He provides in the storms of life. Last night, however, when we sang "Faithful One" for family prayer, I realized just how meaningful those words are. Most of the time, we sing these songs and we almost take for granted that God will be there and we will be trusting in Him and things will be hunky dorey. Although we understand that God is powerful and watching over us, I don't think it is possible to fully comprehend the meaning of such a song without having gone through some sort of tragedy or "storm" in life. To not just sing these words, but sing them as the true expression of sorrow coupled with hope in one's heart - it is then that the song is most powerful!

In Vacation Bible School, we have fun singing "I've Got Peace Like a River" and I've sung "It is Well (with My Soul)" numerous times in church. This year, however, I experienced that amazing peace in one of the most difficult situations I've had to face in life. Now when I sing these songs, I don't just know about the peace of God; I know the peace of God for I have felt it. And I can say with utmost certainty, "It really is well with my soul."

No longer can I sing songs about God's faithfulness or songs about heaven without my heart filling up with gratitude and love for my heavenly Father who promises to be by my side each and every day that I run this race of faith fixing my eyes on the prize of the upward calling of God in Christ Jesus. And through every storm that life brings my way, I simply look to His face and remember that He is King over every flood and I have nothing to fear for I am His child.

Still singing,