Mi Espanol es muy limitado

(My Spanish is very limited)

Si, el mas que viene ire a Argentina. Necessito practica hablar Espanol. Como es mi Espanol? Yes, in a month I'll be going to Argentina. I need to practice speaking Spanish. How is is my Spanish?

This is what I remember from my Spanish class that I took a while ago.

Hola, me llamo Indu. Vivo en Oregon, USA. Soy de India. Tengo 24 anos. Soy de estudiante. Yo trabajo en la escuela. Soy de asistente a maestro. Gusto escribir cuentos y articulos. Yo gusto tambien bailar, sobre todo bailar swing y salsa. Amoro la cultura America Latina!

I'm sure there were full of mistakes but that's what I remember. I can't figure out how to use accents while typing. I'm starting to practice my Spanish as much as I can whether it's friends, co-workers, the store clerks, librarians, my ESL students and whoever lets me. I'm listening to Spanish worship music and occasionally watch the Spanish channel. The Spanish soap operas remind me of the Hindi serials on Zee TV from Dubai.

I noticed that most Hispanics seem to love it when a foreigner is trying to speak their language regardless of mistakes or mispronunciations. Years ago, I've been to Mexico on a mission trip. In two weeks, I was surprised by how much Spanish I learned by conversing and being immersed. We were in a rural area and not many people were fluent in English.

I realize that Latin America is a broad area. I'm a person fascinated by the different cultures of the world. I find Latin America fascinating and intriguing. The reasons for going there is to explore a new area with a bunch of college students, meet new people and learn Spanish. I don't want to finish college without experiencing a study-abroad program. I'm getting ready for it. I'm definitely excited and looking forward to it.

Indu Shanmugam