1. Thursday there was an "indoor barbeque" at Nav's house. Tyna's chicken and potatoes were good. So was the bruchetta that Nav made. It was supposed to be a regular barbeque I think, but then it started to pour. We pretty much cooked, ate and played games. I wasn't going to go but Farah wouldn't take no for an answer. It was fun though. It would've been more fun if I wasn't in the "getting-a-cold-phase."

2. Saturday was mad busy! SACHI PowerPoint. SACHI [South Asian Christian Initiative] Picnic Permission forms. Kerala Fellowship: practice, worship, kids, Father's Day prep. Phone calls. Passport pictures. Grocery shopping. Exercise. Reading for paper due this morning. At KCF, the PowerPoint didn't work, the kids did great, we got most things done. The frames worked out thanks to Tyna.

3. After KCF, found out that Pastor Koshy wasn't going to Punjabi Church so ended up sleeping over at Simi's house (otherwise no ride). *INsane!* I'll put up some pictures soon.

4. Punjabi Church went well, started freaking out in the morning cuz I couldn't get a hold of Ansa, but then Georgy came to the rescue. The presentation went relatively well. And I think I handed out nearly 35 permissions slips! Went to McD's after church with Tyna, Tracy, and SimJ. Finally got home around 4:45pm after saying goodbye to Sim's dad who went back to Kuwait. Sim drove all the way to Richmond while her mom repeated instructions and her dad gave her advice while I took a nap.

5. Came home and slept for three hours and then forced myself awake around 8pm. Ate dinner and then began the 50 pages of reading. By 5am this morning, my paper was complete. Thank you Jesus!

6. Slept for 4 hours and then woke up with my head weighing like a 100lbs and sinuses doing weird things. Proofread and printed the paper. Ate leftover fried fish and a banana for breakfast and rushed to catch the bus. Got to school at 12:55pm; the deadline to submit is 1pm. Speed-walked to the Liu Institute building and found my prof, 8 minutes late. A friend from class got there even after I did so it was okay.

7. So Amie (girl from my class) and I walked to some far end of campus to see the IR advisor cuz the PoliSci Department's been moved for renovations. Figured stuff out about graduation. Went back to the sub and ordered passion iced tea from Starbucks and we sat and talked and decided what and how to study for the final while waiting for our buses.

8. Ended up falling asleep on the bus and missed my stop. Luckily, there's only one other stop after mine so I woke up when the bus finally stopped.

9. Came home to find a bunch of Niki's friends here doing some project which involved choreographing some odd thing. I felt crappy, and sick, and like my head was going to explode so I rudely ignored them and went to bed.

10. And that was my insane weekend. God is awesome and I love Him!

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