As a student of emerging generation, I was excited to read a new book "In search of Authentic Faith" by Steve Rabey. Subtitle describes the content very well - "how the emerging generation is changing the church."

What is the bottomline message - There is no single right way to "do" church for the emerging generations. What worked in the past or what worked in another country or what works among your contempraries across town does not necessarily work for you. One size or form does not fit all. The current and traditional church aren't cutting it for the emerging generation who are serching for more authentic expression of faith.

How does this and other resources like this apply to ministry to the emerging generation of Asian Indians in western society? I really do beleive that popular culture and mainstream generational trends cannot be overlooked any minority groups. They will affect one way or other. You are in a better place if you understand what is happening around your cultural landscape. So anyone working with Coconut Generation cannot ignore insights from these resources.

What the author does not make clear is his usage of generational terms like X, Y, Millenial etc. He assumes readers are aware of some of these distinctions. I suggest that you read "Boomers, Xers & Millenials" (Rick Hicks) or "Generation Next" (George Barna), before getting into this.

Books like this both excite me and scare me at the same time. It forces you to think outside of the box, reconsider your own theological understanding, draw deeply from scriptures, challenges your idea of youth ministry in our times and the frustration of why most people are clueless about these undercurrents.