Christian thinkers have tried to make the Bible accessible for centuries. In the past decade, Bibles are being created to serve certain specific groups such as Revolve (Like a glossy mag for teenage girls). Here’s the latest - the Manga Bible.

Ajinbayo Akinsiku wanted the world to know Jesus Christ. He has pictured Jesus as a samurai in his  abridged version of the Bible in Manga - the Japanese form of graphic novels. Why the Bible in Manga? The Book is meant to be a first taste of the Bible, which many feel it uncomfortable to read. Moreover, the Book is also to show the “unchurched” the relevance of the bible in contemporary language.

Mr. Akinsiku grew up in England and Nigeria in an Anglican family of Nigerian descent. He graduated from theology school in London. The Manga Bible has already sold 30,000 copies in Britain.

Source: Neela Banerjee, ‘In Manga stories, tough guy is Jesus’, Deccan Chronicle, Chennai Tuesday 12, Feb 2008.

Samuel Thambusamy