1. I'm an idiot. I wrote a cheque...and it bounced. Yeah, I know. Save your comments. I wrote the cheque last weekend. And then, during the week, I forgot about the cheque and decided to pay summer tuition. And these banks--they have these insanely high fees for a freakin bounced cheque. $71 short and now I'll have to pay around that much more. I've written two cheques in my entire life. One is this. The other was to my mom.

2. Prayer on Tuesday was awesome. Intercession. Worship. Communion. The works! There was myself, Wilson, and Simi, and Rohaib joined us for a bit too.

3. Monday we leave for Portland and on Wednesday, we're flying out to Dallas for PCNAK. Someone, anyone come with me! Must I endure the spectacle all by myself!?! I talked to Ashlyn today...a sari!?! Are you freakin kidding me? I don't do saris! I don't do "dress up" unless it's people I know and am comfortable with. Number 1: I don't know anyone. (Okay, yes, I know my cousins. But high school drama never interested me when I was in high school. And it sure and heck doesn't interest me now.) Number 2: I hate dressing up. Number 3: PCNAK just isn't my thing.

4. I'm missing Punjabi Church Camp and the Western Conference to go to PCNAK! And not to mention I could've taken some extra summer classes so I wouldn't have so many next year. Five classes each term plus ministry stuff is going to be insane. I know I vowed to never do it again, but if I want to graduate next April, I don't have a choice.

5. After the circus in Dallas, at least there's Portland! *smile*

6. Today I decided to take out my rollerblades after nearly three years and went for a spin. It was incredibly exhilerating. Yes, my blades are super old and the wheels are falling apart and I'm going to buy new ones ASAP, but rollerblading again was...beautiful! Cannot wait to get a new pair!

7. Went to the dentist today after two years. Two whole years. And no cavities. Zer0. Yes, I brush my teeth regularly. No, I don't floss. I did get bombarded with a million and one irrelevant questions about my life which I answered politely, all the while thinking what a waste of time it was and how good people are at feigning interest in things they could really care less about. The reality ticks me off somewhat. I mean, why do people ask questions when the answer doesn't matter to them. This is the problem I have with small talk. I hate small talk. It annoys me. I can't make small talk. If I don't care, I don't care. I'm not going to pretend like I do care. And I'd rather not have others pretend like they care about me either.

8. London, SAGC 2007, and a mission trip India have gone from passing desire to wish to possibility. Soon reality? If God wills.

Apart from PCNAK, life is awesome :)