Jesus helps bring God’s presence in our lives. God’s presence in our lives is characterized by Truth, Love and Freedom.

God is Truth. He is the ‘really’ real. He does not change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. As we stand in the spotlight of his Truth, we stand exposed. All our pretences are just empty. His Truth unmasks us. We see who really are - dirty, disgusting and defiled. It is not an easy experience as many men and women of God have recognized. Our righteousness (even if it is the most expensive brand) is just filthy rags. It is a terrifying experience to be exposed.

Thankfully, God is Love. He loves (even) us. There’s no fear in love. Perfect love casts away all fear. That’s what helps us live with our dirty, disgusted and disfigured self. His love embraces us. In his presence we find acceptance. Gives us the confidence to run into His Truth, despite the terrifying experience. His love forgives us. He keeps no record of our wrongs. He remembers not our failure to live by our promises to him. His love heals us. His touch heals our disfigured soul, dieseased heart and demented mind. His love helps us regain our dignity, our humanness and relationality.

God is freedom. He brings freedom into our lives. His truth gives us the awareness of our disfigurement. His love brings healing. When we walk with him in the light, His truth removes all our pretences. We are saved from all our hypochris(tianit)y. When we walk in Love, all our fears are removed. There is no condemnation. There is acceptance. There is fellowship. There is power to say No to ‘Self’, ‘Satan’ and ‘Sin’. We truly experience freedom.

This is the privelege of being a follower of Jesus. We walk in Truth, Love and Freedom. Remember,  Where God is there is Truth, Love and Freedom. Our invidual and community lives are transformed. On the otherhand, where there is no Truth, God is never there. Where there is no Love, God is not there. Where there is no Freedom, God is absolutely not there.  Oh! how tragic!

Samuel Thambusamy