For the last few weeks, we’ve been doing the busy work of getting ready to start life in a brand new city. All of our stuff has been packed into boxes and taken down to Philadelphia. Ajo & Juby (one of the couples on our team) are letting us store our stuff in their garage until we officially move down. We spent the last week apartment hunting and found a 2 BR apartment in Northeast Philly that Shainu loved. I was overjoyed to see how excited she was. They told her she could paint the walls and stuff and now she’s just giddy and has all sorts of ideas on how to put me to work once we get down there.

So in a sense, really all that’s left is to move down there. The plan is as follows:

On Sunday, I’ll preach for the last time at 7MR Boston. We’ll spend our last week seeing as much of Boston as we can and hanging out with as many people as we can. On June 29, the church will have a Commissioning Service where they will send us out. The next day, we leave Boston. We’ll spend the first two weeks of July visiting friends, family, and 7MR supporters from NY to Virginia.  Afterwards, we’ll be in Buffalo for a week attending the National 4Cs Conference where the 4Cs will commission 7MR.

The last week of July, God willing we’ll be in Philadelphia.  Please be praying for us in this time of transition.

7 Mile Road