1. PCNAK* is over. I'll admit it was somewhat fun with Ashlyn and Alicia there. I'll post pictures up soon.

2. The Canadian (err...Toronto) girls volleyball team won first place with Oklahoma coming in second. Niki and I went to watch them and cheer them on. Saw a lot of people that we used to know in Toronto and my mom still knows, but didn't say hello because I didn't know how exactly to do it. It's been so long. Not to mention I make terrible first impressions. Anyhoo, I did talk to some of them later on with my Mom--mostly uncles and aunties.

3, Saw a LOT of people I haven't seen in LONG time. 1. Jiji (sp?) --this girl was like my best friend in Dubai, so long ago. I'm seeing her after 16 years! Crazy huh!?! 2. Shane--he's from Toronto and our family hung out at their house a lot when we lived there. And he was so little back then, now he's all grown up and he was like the youth rep from Canada. I feel so old! 3. Josh--all I remember about him was that he used to get along with Niki real well when we used to live in Toronto. His dad was the pastor of our church. It's crazy how everyone's so grown up! And many many other people.

4. The whole weekend, I'm like "Oh Mom I saw so-and-so" and she'd be like "Did you say hello?" Well heck NO! My "meeting people" skills suck so I figured I'd save myself the embarrassment and others the awkwardness.

5. Rev. Richard Crisco was a great youth speaker. And there were sooo many talented worship teams. Won't somebody please come to to Vancouver and lend us your skills?

6. Happy Birthday Canada. I'm sorry I had to miss it.

7. I wish all you Vancouver people would've come. PCNAK would be a blast if you had your whole youth group and close friends around you. Then again, that'll only happen if you go to a Malayalee Pente church. So yah, not happening. Love ya PMCer's! Yesu Masih ki...JAI!

8. Dallas is so hot I don't understand how anyone lives here! I'm not a big fan of the Vancouver rain, but this heat is insane!

9. God is so awesome! I say that all the time I know. But He really really is! Jesus thank You for everything! Thank you for the cross. Thank you for grace. Thank you for abundant life.

10. And before I sign off, to all you people who thought otherwise, I'm still me. I'm not married or engaged or signed my life away or anything of the sort. And I can't wait to be back in Vancouver! I'm enjoying the next few days with my cousins and Dad's side of the family. This is the first time we've ALL been together. And God is good.

Beni :)


PCNAK* Pentecostal Conference of North American Keralites