first off, i cut my hair for those who know me this is a big step. i've been arguing with my parents since grade 10 to get my hair cut, they let my have a trim at the end of grade 10 and i was happier than a fat kid with cake (right ritz?).

so i got it done without asking my parents if i could, i made an appointment and went, i just intended to get a trim i didn't want to do anything drastic, but my stylist was like, "how about i cut it to the top of the shoulder, would you be okay with that? something like nicole ritchie's new look", she said nicole ritchie and without even thinking about it i said "yeah!!"

when i came home i asked my mom what she thought of it and she's like " i don't know ask your dad", and my dad takes one look at it and says "how will we marry you off with short hair"- all i could think was, what kind of mustche wearing-backward- accented- boat riding-anti-feminist were my parents planning to marry me off to?? and that was that.

i started one of my english classes, the prof is great, but he's always looking to me as if i have something to say, i wish i could contribute, but i didn't like the last book we read so i didn't read it, and thus i have nothing to say about it.

meanwhile, i'm one of the backseaters who spent the majority of the last two classes trying to classify everyone around me, and between the first day of class and yesterday, i've noticed all the keeners have united to the front of the room, the science students taking this as their arts credit are in the front on the other side of the room, and the rest of us non-suck-ups are in the back row, laying judgement on every comment criticism and gesture of the keeners in front of us- occasionally leaning forward to another backseater to roll our eyes at a redundant comment of a keener, or useless comment of a science student.

i'm loving the summer weather we've been having, it's nice and hot, not too humid, the evenings are by far my favourite time of the day.
my class ends at 10pm and when i leave i can just see the remnants of the sunset from the lookout on campus, and it's beautiful, as much as i loathe UBC sometimes i can't deny the fact that we have a beautiful campus.

the heat from my computer is making my room warm and i'm getting uncomfortable, i'll write more later about my "oh-so-exciting" life.