We visited the Museum of Modern Art of Latin America in Buenos Aires. This is me in front of the museum by the water fountains. The museum wouldn´t let me take pictures inside. I saw pictures of famous Latin American artists. The interesting thing was that many of them studied art in Europe. They were inspired by artists like Picasso and art movements like surrealism and impressionism. They added their own flair to it. I would describe the art as eclectic.

One famous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo caught my attention because her art has bits of surrealism, exoticness, symbolism and eccentricity. She was a bit of an eccentric person that had an interesting life. She was criticized for narcissm because she painted a lot of self-portraits but according to her, she had said that the reason that she draws herself is because that is a subject that she knows the most about. And I suppose art could be used as a process of self-discovery.

And below, that´s a random picture of a writing on the floor of the main plaza of Buenos Aires. This isn´t much relevant to my blog entry but I posted it here because I thought it was cool.

On the other hand, art can also be a medium to seek out deeper truths. It is where a person can question, ponder, seek out and where truth and meaning can be explored and revelation of truth as revelated through the Holy Spirit and reconcilliation by the death of Jesus can also be expressed. I see my writing in that way. The subject of my writing is life and I like realism because it allows me to do exactly that; provide an artistic medium to explore.

I´m getting more ideas and inspirations for my short story series that I´m working on. Last semester, during WR 342 Creative Writing, I found my writing voice. Now, I´m scribbling freely through the pages. Who knows where this will go, but I´m sensing a start of a beautiful journey of my pen life.

And Buenos Aires is home to magic realist writer Jorge Luis Borges and we were standing right in front of the building of his residence.

Indu Shanmugam