I had an awesome time in Dallas.

Meeting with friends and family was awesome. It was a new experience for me as well. I never really understood what it meant to be an older cousin brother to my cousins. Itís really cool because they automatically look up to you and it leaves you with responsibilities.

A few years ago I would have shunned those responsibilities, but now Iím actually embracing it. Itís taught me that yeah, people do grow up, and life comes at you regardless of how you feel about it.

I realized that I have this love for India as well. Thereís just something within me that jumps when I meet an Indian person. When I was younger I would just say it was nothing more than feelings, but now as I begin to think about it, I realize that Godís put that in me for a reason. This trip has taught me to respect and appreciate my culture.

I spoke for the first time in a church. That was something special for me. Iíve never done anything like it before. I prepared the day before, and even though I spoke for only five minutes, I had prepared especially well. The only funny thing was that when I placed my notes up on the podium, I placed them there upside down, and so really all I could do was relay the information from memory. I didnít think I did that well, but my mom liked it. She doesnít usually tell me I did good at something (itís a cultural thingÖ), but this time she did. It really encouraged me.

I think in general, going out and seeing the world always gives you perspective, and it really has. Right now, Iím writing this from a hotel bedroom in Denver. As I walked through Denver downtown today, it was a clear indication that the world does go round outside of the world that Iím so used to. Iím learning to keep the main things the main things, and open my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities around me.