Tango Dancing: Before leaving Argentina, a few of us wanted to take a Tango dance class. There are plenty of dance clubs where they teach dancing and have dances. I took a class all in Spanish. There seems to be a difference between the tango you see on TV and performances and street tango. When you see professional performances, it tends to be a bit more provocative.

Street tango or when tango is done in clubs by average people, it seems different. Actually, you don´t have to dance very close to the partner or dance sexy. You could if you really wanted to. I didn´t see any dirty dancing here because it was an older crowd. Tango seems to be more popular with older people. My friends and I seemed to be the youngest people in the whole place. The guys I danced with were old enough to be my father or grandfather. I danced with one of the dance teachers, an nice elderly man. I´m glad it was a dance teacher because he was teaching and correcting my steps. Tango is not really my style. It´s too slow and serious for me. I like the music though.

Salsa Dancing: That´s more like it for me. I went salsa dancing and took a class and danced the night away. I haven´t done much salsa dancing back home. I´m more into swing dancing but I´m starting to like salsa.

Beef Tongue: I had it in a soup with pieces of tongue. I didn´t even realize that I was eating it. Only when I finished my soup the person told me what it was. It tastes like any other part of beef. I felt a bit weird when I examined a piece and saw tastebuds.

More New Food: I can´t remember the name on top of my head but I had Spanish rice with chicken. Usually, it´s eaten with seafood but seafood seems expensive here in Argentina. It´s a Spanish dish. I had another cream cheese with fruits. I may be wrong but that sounds French to me. And then there´s lot of Italian food. I always loved Italian food. I can see the European influence in the diet. That´s reflective of Argentina in general. Argentina in general is Latin American but has a very eclectic European flair to it. It´s interesting.

Judging the Health Habits: I seriously wonder how do the people here remain skinny? The diet seems to be mostly lots of meat, cheese and bread. They don´t seem to eat many vegetables or fruits. My host mom drinks a lot of coffee and sometimes right before bed. When I come home, I´m not going to eat steak for a long time. In fact, I´m craving spicy foods like Thai (from Typhoon restaurant) and Mom´s chicken curry because I miss spicy foods.

Tomorrow, I´m going to a Gaucho Party! Then next week, it´s my finals. After finals, I´ll be home.

Indu Shanmugam