A few friends back home commented, "So, I hear there are good looking men here?"

Okay, here´s the deal. I think it´s a bit overrated. It´s just like back home, you´ll see guys of all varieties and handsome men come in all backgrounds. If you like guys that look Italian and a bit of Latino, then you´d love it here. I did see some really good looking guys here.

In a way, I don´t mind being a foreigner because I found out that it is a good way to impress guys here. I mentioned that people are nice towards foreigners but some guys think that my thick accent and broken Spanish is cute. I´m getting my practice in Spanish by getting hit on and being approached by guys. If I really wanted to I could get a boyfriend here but I´m not here in Argentina for that purpose.

It seems that the guys tend to take the initiative and don´t seem afraid of approaching women or risking rejection. I appreciate that because at least they are not too wimpy and have the guts to approach a girl and get to know her and maybe flirt and compliment her a bit. And at the same time, they are respectful when you politely say no. I feel flattered. I have not had a guy ogle at me in a way that makes me feel like a piece of meat or demeaned. I haven´t felt awkward or felt uncomfortable.

The happy medium is always good. It´s flattering and I take it that way and leave it. I realize that I tend to be attracted to outgoing guys that take the initiative or have machismo but respectful and with good personalities.

I didn´t come here to Argentina for that purpose and don´t see the point. Also, it´s because I know exactly what my partner is going to be like, and his personality and what I want in a man. The only thing is that when I´m approached by guys I´ll look for those traits and either reject or accept. The reason why I know what I want in my guy is because of praying, exploring and getting to discover myself and my interests, passions etc... Through these practical things, God can "speak" to you about who your partner should be.

Anyway, here in Argentina I figured I´d just admire, look and maybe allow the guy talk to me but nothing more.

Indu Shanmugam