My parents want me to date more. I had a conversation with my mom, which started off as, "If you don't date, how are you ever going to find your husband?"

I have only gone out on two "dates" within the last year. One, was with my Dad. It was an office event. Everyone dressed up and it was at a really nice upscale restaurant. I liked dressing up, listening to the music on the background, spending time with Dad and conversing with some of his colleages.

I went out with a friend last week but I can't really call it a date since we decided to be friends and keep it that way. But, my mom is praying and interceeding for my future husband to find me. She's pretty much a walking matrimonial ad for me. She cracks me up.

I am definitely not a disgruntled 20-something on a frantic husband hunt. I'm not desperate. I am quite satisfied being a single. However, I do someday want to share my life with someone have kids and fulfill God's calling.

I want to fall in love. I'm trusting God. I get the best advice from the Bible. The insights about marriage are like God (as a Father) telling his young daughter about things like how a man should treat me and insights on marriage that should reflect the love of Christ and the Church.

If I don't look up to God for this, I'd be wasting my time with useless guys. I believe God will one day tap my shoulder and say "see this guy - that's the one." I am waiting for that moment. This is how I imagine being in love.

I have never fallen in love but I imagine he's the one who I can make a better man by completing him, walking together as we fulfill God's purposes together and being swept off my feet. Love isn't about how good makes me feel. That isn't love. Love is about the other person not yourself. I'm such a hopeless romantic. I am falling in love with the thought of love itself.