For the last three years or so, Asian Indians have been the largest foreign student population in American universities. Despite a five per cent drop from a record 80,000 plus last year, India still heads the list with 76,503 admissions in 2006. I have cited more data and information on this in the Coconut Book. Also get latest research report called Open Doors from the Institute of International Education.

But an interesting twist this year is the dramatic increase in the American students who are heading to India - a 53 percent rise from last year. India is the 20th destination for American students and this year a record enrollment of 1800, while 6500 student go to China to study.

Why are they going to India, when some of the finest educational establishments are in Western nations? India and China have been lately attracting students from around the world.  Fastest growing economies in the world and bubbling with opportunties, young Americans are heading to Asia to acquire “language and culture skills” in university setting to carve out unique future global careers for themselves. Not to mention National Security Language Iniative encouraging Americans to develop foreign language proficiencies.

Any thots?

Coconut Generation