"Conversation Readys a Man,
Reading Maketh a Man,
Writting makes him exact."

Dear God,
Please help me, I writeto you now in all places here, the internet. Yes, I want all my life to be an open testimony to you Lord but Lord, Please help me. You know me. I am not really good or outstanding at anything at all.

Dear Lord Love, but you choose only the weak like me, to do your full work. I thank you that you love me fiercely. I thank you that I am set a part and marked by you. O, Lord you lead me to the path that is righteous and I thank you that you preserve me.

Father, forgive me, forgive the world, forgive us, Mercy please. We need you. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, Dont Leave me. I love you. My life is yours, take it all. Father have mercy on us, have mercy on my family, have mercy.

Lord I beg you, Let the world be filled with your Glory, Father I beg you, Let every knee bow and every tongue confess that you are Lord. Please Lord open heaven upon your people, let hell be empty and heaven be full, I beg. Lord Please.

Thank you Lord for protecting me, I love to rest in your shadow, I love to dwell in your presence. Holy Spirit guide me.

Dear Lord, you are so wonderful to me, because you have been faithful and kept me to the path of the righteous, i can only praise you ceaselessly. My soul thirst for you like the deer thirst for the water. Lord never stop filling me Lord. The truth is that i am high and light in your spirit.
Father I love you, please Lord let every thing I do or say be pleasing or affectionate to your heart.

Jesus you know the temptations of my flesh. you know my weaknesses, Lord I give it all to you. Chain me to you Lord and nothing else. Put a leash around my neck.Cover my eyes with your hands that i will not lust with my eyes, supress my hormones Lord, Lord I beg thee. I beg thee in the name of Jesus. Lord i feel that i rather die than grieve your heart or to fall from you. Jesus I am madly in love with you and i dont want to upset thee.

Jesus, sometimes i wish that you could just live my life, but i know you want me to live it and you'll help me live it and i thank you.

And Lord, I thank you Lord for removing my fear of heights,but Lord i'm scared of cockroaches.
I know Lord that you have made me to become a mighty man of valour, God, take full control of me when i see one. How can I be a youth leader when i am scared? Lord i thank you that you have already done a work in my life and i will rise up against this fear, because if you are for me not even the cockroach will scare me. praise God! Lord I lift your name up high in my life you are my banner.

Lord I am your servant of the floor, command me, control me, kill me everyday that my nature may become more like you, than i may please you. I was made for you, and i thank you that you made me for you.

Good night my sweet love, goodnight my sweet Lord, Goodnight my sweet lord, Jesus, I am so in Love with you. Please be beside me when i sleep, i dont want to be alone. i'm scared when you leave me and i know you know that, so never leave me, ok, i love you, i love you i love you.
Muah, and thanks for the wonderful rest i'm gona have tonight. i love you again. Muah