Last Sunday, I spoke to the members of the Calvary Community Church (CCC), Adyar at their morning English Service.

My sermon was titled, "What is the best way to live life?”. I presented Paul’s answers as it is explicated in his epistle to the Church at Phillipi. I was happy to minister at this church for more than one reason.

Firstly, it is located in south Chennai - where the city is sprawling. Secondly, it is close to the IT corridor. Thirdly, it is attended by IIT-ians. Fourthly, it is a growing church. I would never have known about the existence of this Church.

This year, I went to the Rock show - hosted by IIT-Chennai - where I got introduced to the Pastor. I was impressed. How many youth workers would ever venture out into College Culturals and get to understand young people?

Not many. I think it is important for youth workers to understand who young people are (and not who young people are not). We hit it off almost instantaneously since we shared similiar concerns of reaching young people in and around south Chennai.

The pastor invited me over to speak at their Sunday Service. It was a great experience to minister to young people. I emphasized the need to live out our faith so that people who see us would learn to appreciate our committment to follow Jesus and in doing so learn ‘the best way to live life - living for Jesus with Jesus.

Samuel Thambusamy