More than 80% of all U.S. teens are online at least one hour every day, according to BurstMedia. Among teens who go online from home, friends’ homes, libraries or other locations, 37.4% say they spend three or more hours per day online. Teen males are slightly more likely than females to spend over three hours a day surfing: 39.9% do so compared with 34.7% of females.

The survey found that while teens are online, they are often simultaneously doing homework or watching television or other things: 48.9% say they work on homework while online, 33.8% say they watch TV or a movie. And 40% say they text or talk with friends on the phone while online. Roughly three out of five (61.4 %) have visited a social networking website. Of those, 60.7% joined the site and created a profile.

The art of parallel processing and multitasking comes naturally to young people today. They hear, speak and browse different streams of information simultaneously. Guess what they are doing when they are listening to you or sitting in the church pews?