Gosh, I just love being around Spiritual Giants. They never seem to buckle under pressure. You see the fruits of the Holy Spirit in them everytime the pressure is on. They aren't like spiritual babies who try to control people or circumstances.

The spiritual giants aren't so tackless and impulsive and loveless like the spiritual babies. They still treat you with respect and love and esteem while the babies just see you as a means to an end. The babies just have one agenda and that is to get things done. They see people as obstacles but not the giants.

The spiritual giants see people as opportunities. They see people as Jesus in disguise and are dying to love them no matter how hard the pressure is. And isn't that the message of Jesus Christ? Isn't that the most or second most important commandement in the Bible. They are loving and encouraging and optimistic even with the chips seem down. They keep there hope up and the love strong. They have that love that bears all things and hopes all things and endures all things and suffers long and is KIND!

The spiritual babies are so unkind and you see it in there words and eyes and mannerisms and actions! You see the flesh in them. Outbursts of anger is one of them. But the spiritual giants are much the opposite!

God bless you spiritual giants. We spiritual babies need your love and thank you for modeling it. You inspire us to go further. Now as for the babies, well God will judge you! The way you treat people is the way you treat Jesus! (Matt 24-25)