I'm not referring to being motivated. Having aspirations drive you forward. Exploring your passions and dreams can help you understand yourself. If it's part of the spiritual journey, you grow in faith. I don't like being idle and having nothing to do. Those are positive aspects.

Then there is the unhealthy obsession with perfection, where you discourage yourself and beat yourself up.

College life is stressful. Life throws its curveballs. Ever felt that just making the mark is never good enough? No, you are expected to go above and beyond the norms or basic expectations. Fear of failure not just in academics but in life itself is very real. This is a part of life as a young adult. Finishing one part of life and graduating to another is stressful. Too many changes can further complicate life.

On the spiritual level, how many times do we tend to think that we can earn our way up to a higher spiritual place or special favor? That will never happen because we'll eventually wear ourselves out. We can never be good enough.

Recognizing and accepting grace is the key. Our aspirations, dreams and callings are done from understanding grace and as part of a spiritual journey. It's a journey not destination.

Indu Shanmugam