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    As the tragic events surrounding Michael Jackson’s death on June 25 unfold, we find that it was more related to the tragic events of his life, starting with his childhood. As we look back we can see that many child stars eventually led tragic adult lives and/or had careers that began to go downhill as they grew older. (For example, Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame, the Olsen twins, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan to name a few.) In these instances I blame their parents for pursuing fame and fortune for their children at the expense of their emotional health. Regarding the church, often people launch out into public ministry platforms while they are still emotional infants and not ready for “prime-time.” It is obvious from the recent autopsy report that Michael Jackson died (emotionally) years ago, using drugs to deaden the pain of his miserable existence.

    Over the past several days Pastor David Wilkerson’s prophecy regarding a great calamity coming upon the United States (starting in New York City) has been headlined on the Drudge Report and has been read by millions. . . . In summary, it is obvious to all that this nation is in trouble and that God is judging us (including the church) for our greed, and for preaching a gospel that is based more on the satisfaction of self more than crucifying the flesh and abandoning all for the Kingdom of God. This is a season of fasting and praying, but is also a great opportunity for the church to meet the needs of the thousands finding themselves homeless, unemployed, facing foreclosure, and those on Wall Street that are on the verge of losing all of their assets. What a time to stand in the gap as salt and light for our cities, whether they are under God’s judgment or not!

    This story is Konjam (little) modern and Konjam (little) traditional.
    It’s about two women - Naomi and Ruth -
    who lived on the other side of a ‘Shining’ India.
    Vanga Vango (come come) and listen to this inspiring story. Despite all the economic boom and 100 billion dollars in forex reserve,
     life remains a struggle for many.
    Starvation, poverty and poor yield
    make the struggle for survival for many very difficult.
    As a way of escape, some people commit suicide
    While others leave to the cities in search of ‘better’ life
    sorry… sorry… ‘ to a bitter’ life.
    Naomi’s family was pushed to life’s edge.
    They migrated to Delhi.
    Why Delhi?!!! It could be any city, even yours
    Was it to make big money?
    Nope! Just to find enough food – 
    Konjam (little) happiness and to survive.

    Satyam And Asatyam

    It is an irony.  The word ‘Satyam’ means truth, but the IT company occupied the front pages of newspapers and prime time of television news channels for ‘asatyam’, which means untruth or false or fraud.  The Chief of Satyam, B. Ramalinga Raju confessed that he doctored the balance sheets to a tune of about Rs. 7000 crore to keep his company’s reputation, client attraction and stock rates at the highest level for several years.  The country's fourth largest IT Company with 53000 employees - after TCS, Infosys and Wipro and ahead of HCL - was for several years cooking its books by inflating revenues and profits. It was a creative, innovative accounting fraud.  This pulled the stock market down and it would affect more in the coming days.

    Year 2009: Our Nemesis?!!

    We await the New Year. We hope for the best for we truly don’t know what it holds for us. Sadly, we are denied that divine privilege and perspective . . . .As humans, we must become better – in our grasp of reality, truth, love, hope, freedom. The Year 2009 seems like the worst of times. The Credit Crunch, Climate change, Job Loss and War are issues that need immediate affirmative action. But then, we must truly become human to give our remedial measures a human touch (identity, responsibility, relationality and destiny).

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