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Pastor Terry Jones went from obscure pastor to a worldwide phenomenon last week because of his foolish plan to burn copies of the Quran.  During this fiasco he kept hiding behind God, saying God was speaking to him and giving him guidance throughout the entire drama. Pastor Jones came off ignorant when admitting he has never read the Quran and revealed gross naiveté by announcing that Imam Rauf agreed to move the proposed Ground Zero mosque in return for Dove International agreeing not to burn Qurans.  This is in spite of never even speaking once to Imam Rauf!
South Asian International Fellowship (“SAIF”) is proud to bring you ‘Israel Tour 2010' a once in a lifetime Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land from Tuesday 23rd November – Saturday 4th December 2010. Please treat this as a personal invitation from SAIF to journey the life of Jesus and participate on this guided tour of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazereth, Jericho and beyond, a trip not to be missed and specially organized with you in mind. Full details of the tour may be found in the itinerary, terms and conditions and registration form, enclosed herein. To avoid disappointment, please seize this opportunity and register your participation for the trip without delay.

I Have Found My Purpose, Have You?

As I started to pursue the call of God in my life, I was not sure whether I should be in full time ministry. Two or three years I was in dilemma about this matter. But the desire to teach and preach the word of God increased still more. After that I joined in a Bible college which God directed me to join. A lot of maturity and revelation came to me those days. God miraculously provided all the fees I needed to finish it. I found true joy and peace as I obeyed the voice of God. Praise the Lord! . .  . . Even from the day I heard God, the burden to reach out to the nation of India and China which are the most populated nations and to the nations with the word of God increased in me.
National and local leaders (like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg) are revealing their true views regarding religious freedom, their willingness to fight or pander to terrorist groups, as well as their love and respect for the Christian religion. For example, while Mayor Bloomberg is passionately supporting the building of the Ground Zero mosque, thus far he has not said anything publicly about helping the Greek Orthodox people rebuild after their church building was destroyed when one of the World Trade Center towers collapsed upon it on 9/11.

All To Jesus I Surrender

I Surrender All ~ I Surrender All ~ All To Thee My Blessed Savior ~ I Surrender All ~ All To Jesus I Surrender ~ All To Him I Freely Give ~ I Will Ever Love And Trust Him ~ In His Presence Daily Live ~ All To Jesus I Surrender ~ Humbly At His Feet I Bow ~ Worldly Pleasures All Forsaken ~ Take Me Jesus Take Me Now ~ All To Jesus I Surrender ~ Make Me Savior Wholly Thine ~ Let Me Feel The Holy Spirit ~ Truly Know That Thou Art Mine

Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God

Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God ~ And His Righteousness ~ And All These Things Shall Be Added Unto You ~ Allelu, Alleluia ~ Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone ~ But By Every Word ~ That Proceeds From The Mouth Of God ~ Allelu, Alleluia ~ Ask And It Shall Be Given Unto You ~ Seek And Ye Shall Find ~ Knock And The Door Shall Be Opened Unto You ~ Allelu, Alleluia

Breathe - This Is The Air I Breathe

This Is The Air I Breathe ~ This Is The Air I Breathe ~ Your Holy Presence Living In Me ~ This Is My Daily Bread ~ This Is My Daily Bread ~ Your Very Word Spoken To Me ~ And I - I'm Desperate For You ~ And I - I'm Lost Without You.

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