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I was so encouraged by your website that I nearly cried. Its so 'with it' and appealing to the young generation. I am a convert from Hinduism and am very blessed to be part of exciting churches which are outward looking and radical. However rarely come across anyone that has a real passion to reach young South Asians ie the 18+ to 30s.

I have a real heart to see Asian Christians in love with Jesus, equipped and empowered to see His kingdom established in our generation. I would love to know what you do as I am seeking God about what He wants me to do in the UK. Also if you have any contacts in the UK. I know about South Asian Concern and am involved in what they do. I am happy to share my testimony on the web if you wish.

- from the United Kingdom

Hello, I visited your site . I like your idea and share your desire to reach the youth with the Gospel.

Though born into a Christian family, in my search for God, I became a Muslim in 1995. I met Jesus and gave my life to Him in Dec 1997, and have been running a recording studio dedicated to the Gospel from 1998 to 2004.

My testimony is here: and this is the website of my studio

I have a dream to reach the youth through music I love and play; Blues and Jazz Fusion. I stay away from secular music, but that narrows down the choices because not many Christians play this format,

I now live in Cochin, Kerala, India, with my wife and 2 children.

- from India

Hello...I was browsing your website and found it to be very ineteresting. I have been saved for about a year and a half. I have been faithfully serving Jesus for this time with Teen Challenge. I went throught the one year program at Teen Challenge Farm in London, Ontario and now I am working at Teen Challenge in Canada.

He has raised me up from the pit of society. I am passionate about the Lord and live to praise Him through all things - thick or thin. I am basically looking to plug into the South Asian Christian Community in the Lower Mainland area. Well...hope to hear back from you soon. Great website! Oh by the way I saw your web address in the South Asian LINK Directory.

- from Canada

We are converts from non Christian (Brahmin). We would like to shareour testimony on this website.We would like more information on how we could do that. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks.

- from India

I am so happy to know about this mission, Thinking Globally and Locally. My language is Dutch, I live in Surinam, South America. Half of our population is Hindu. I would love to see Surinam on your list. Half of our hindu population lives in Holland. Our mission field is local and global, networking with christians in a Hindustani
mission in Holland, the Carribean, Venezuela and maybe door will opens in Brasil, where hindus also live.

- from Surinam, South America

I visited your website. It is Awesome. I appreciate your good works. I am working with slum children and Youths. Please visit our web site. I wish you a happy new year. I would like to involve in your ministry through Prayers. God bless you and use you for his glory.

- from India

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Thank You for your prompt reply. I am glad that God is using to do this which is a vital ministry. Few years back I wrote an article on Diaspora Indians and continue to challenge people in India about the need for reaching Diaspora Indians. I am a "Student Missionary" to Diaspora Indians working in St. Petersburg, Russia. Currently she is in London for her annual break.

- from Russia

I'm from from Portland, Oregon down in the States. I, for some reason, click on your website today and saw the message at the top of your site. Seeing your message on SAGC got me even more thinking--what if we made a connection with sharing posts- notices of events. I would like to invite you to post on our website "We're changing how you think"at some point sharing whatever God asks
you to share. I just thought it would be a great idea to unite and stand together for Christ on the West Coast.

- from USA

I recently led a young lady to the Lord,(19) she came from a first generation East Indian family. When mom and dad realized what had happened, her limited freedoms were taken away. She first felt she made a mistake but now knows she is a Christian. She comes from a Sikh faith and her parents don't like that but they also fear she will marry someone other than an East Indian. Would like to have contact with East Indian Christians.

- from USA

Praise the Lord

My brother can you put our link in your website my web site address is

from India

I've just come across this website. Found it using a search engine. I am located in Jakarta Indonesia. I am an Indian(Sindhi) Christian. I serve at local church here. I do my work among local Indonesians. Just thought i'd get to know SAGC more, and maybe one day link up. Thanks alot

- from Indonesia

Loving salutations in Jesus' great and mighty name! Thanks for all your encouragement and Spirit empowered words.

Right now I and my wife are in Norway. I have been preaching every day in different places and meetings. It is really wonderful trip and my wife is also enjoying much. I pray that God may grant u more wisdom and knowledge of His Word that u may go unto the utter most parts of the World for to preach and teach it with passion for the dying souls.

Stay blessed in Him and be a blessing to others. Amen!

- from Norway

Greetings. I came across your web site (, while surfing and I think we could both benefit by trading links. I have found that trading links is one of the best sources for networking from UK.

God will surely bless all the efforts you are taking to propogate His kingdom. Always remember that there are young people like me, to give you a hand from the most southern state of India, i.e Tamil Nadu, I am
20, now actively involved in ministry, I'm also graduating in management this year. God bless you Ps.I would like to attend future conferences too, you can contact me.

- from India

Great work ALWAYS on the website. Truly profesional and inspiring. Breaking new grounds for our South Asian Community. This website can be a hub for South Asian Christians connecting with one another worldwide.

- from Singapore

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